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Realized the other day that I haven't posted here in multiple ages. I've pretty much switched my loyalties to Facebook. But I'll try to be better about keeping up with both. In my copious spare time.

Random stuff
Just got back from the dentist.  Two fillings (both small). My face is numb.  The worst part of getting fillings is the numbness afterwards.  Ick.

Yesterday I found myself driving behind a guy who was:
a) on a motorcycle
b) not wearing a helmet
c) talking on his cell phone

You may get the idea that my life is NOT currently a thrill-a-minute.

Convention Plans & minor miscellany
So, we'll be going to Duckon.  To save a bit of money though, we'll be driving up Saturday a.m. and just spending one night in the hotel. (I rarely seem to filk Friday nights anyway, usually being too tired from the drive.) 

In other news -- not much.  Dear daughter got her driver's permit last week. And she should have a job for the summer.  I've been doing little besides working and watching DVDs and reading a bit.

Very boring life I lead.

And I bought a 12 string guitar from Sutton.  I just need to restring it ... and pay him for it.

Worst Film in the World?

This weekend I saw, for the first time (took it out of the library) "Plan 9 from Outerspace."  Famous for being 'the worst movie ever made.

And I'm not sure what the fuss is about. 

Is it a silly, poorly made film with a confusing plot, bad acting and fairly ridiculous special effects?  Sure.  Is it any worse than 1,000 other films (many of them made by real studios on higher budgets) with silly, confusing plots, bad acting and lousy special effects?  I don't think so.

At least, as someone on the documumentary 'extra' commented, it's fairly entertaining. Which is more than can be said about a lot of other REALLY bad movies.


Catch-up time Pt. 1 -- Work
I realized a few days ago (talking to daughter-mine) that I haven't been on LJ for quite a few weeks, so it's time to catch up a bit.  I tried to catch up on reading about YOUR lives... and got through about a week's worth. I will continue and try my best to get completely caught up.

In the meantime, I'll catch you up on my life. (Split into two posts, I think.)

The main reason I've gotten behind is that my job has changed a bit (temporarily), meaning that I'm not at my computer much. (Not that I EVER read LJ at work, of course...) The institute here does a survey every year, asking high school students throughout the state (260,000 of them)  about their personal alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. The survey needed temporary staff and  things have been very slow in the library, AND I get paid the same money, so I said "Sure." The work  is pretty much scut -- opening boxes, (someone else sends the surveys out) logging in what has been received and (what I'm doing right now, which IS on a computer) scanning them -- which involves babysitting a very crotchty scantron-scanner. (I was just told by a co-worker that I 'have the patience of a saint' because I don't get frustrated jumping up every 30 seconds to clear the paper-path. [Scanning is a coveted position, because you CAN [at least in theory] browse the net while you do it.]
This isn't something I'd want to do 12 months of the year, but for a couple of months, it's a nice change. My co-workers are primarily grad students, meaning they are intelligent and pleasant folks. (Even if one of them DID tell me, a couple of weeks back, that I look 'really good for your age.' )

AND, daughter-mine may be able to get a job here this summer, which will be VERY good.

The story I sold a few months ago has been published (rather heavily edited -- some of it an improvement, some not), and I've sold another.

Next catch-up post will be longer.

I've just been looking through my recent posts and seeing that most of them are grumbles.  This one is not.

Back last summer I'd posted about a tentative short story sale.  THere was some confusion (in my mind, not there's) about which magazine in the group it was actually being considered for.  I'd thought it was Children's Playmate ... turns out to be "Turtle."  I'd done the requested edits on the story, and then heard nothing back beyond "We hope to be able to include it in the March/April issue."  Well, yesterday I got my contract to sign and send back to them and it WILL appear in the March/April issue of "Turtle."  So... if you have kids of the appropriate age (preschool) check it out!

(One very small grumble ... they changed my title from the very clever "Carrot Top" to "A Bunny Tale." (Story is about a young girl who eats so many carrots that she turns into a rabbit.)

I'm also actually doing some writing again.  Submitted (and resubmitted)  a few things last week.

Driving to work this a.m. in zero degree temps my attention was caught by the vanity plate on the car in front of me.  It read: "grrbrrr."  I wonder if he has a different plate for summer wear?

Spent last weekend in Columbus, chaperoning (well, chauffeuring, anyway) my daughter and her friend at an anime con.  A lovely time was had by all, though the con was VERY big, and I felt strangly like a mundane everytime I ventured out of the hotel room. (I didn't attend the con, knowing nothing about anime.)

The best laid plans
Every year since .. roughly ... forever, I've been saying that I really want to get to FilkOntario one of these years.  This year, with the darling daughter getting heavily into filk, I thought that maybe this would be the year. We could drive up  together, and have a great time.

Then, I looked at the calendar.  And discovered that FKO is 5 days before Passover.  Meaning that to drive to Toronto for the weekend (involving an extra day on either end), driving home, and THEN driving to my family's  (3 hour from Toronto) 2 days later for the holiday is just not realistic.  And while I could, theoretically, just go directly to the folks and impose on them for an extra 2 days,  Shaina would miss way too much school and I'd miss too much work. 

Bah.  Maybe next year.

Always something -- but could've been worse
Heading out to work this morning I noticed, as I pulled onto the street, that the car felt ... sort of funny.  I couldn't place what was wrong ... no weird thumps or noises, just a slight lack of control.  There's lots of snow on the road, so I thought maybe that was it.  But my gut said that something else was wrong. So I pulled over at the end of the block (or as 'over' as is possible on a street that is plowed down the middle, just wide enough for allow one car to go down it, with knee deep snow on either side). I got out, and checked the tires. Sure enough, the right rear tire was very low and very soft. Not quite flat, but getting that way.  Returning home, I called the tire place and they said they could get me in.  Drove over, and, after a brief wait, got my car back.  I'd picked up a nail somewhere along the way.  A patch, some air (they checked all the tires while at it), and $25 on the credit card.

I'm very glad that I did check.  If I'd had a blow-out  or complete flat enroute to Columbus this afternoon, it would have been very unpleasant indeed.

Oh the weather outside...
Is no longer as frightful as it was yesterday.  We too got the snow that everyone else got.  9 inches according to the weather reports.  Schools were closed yesterday ... and Tuesday ... and today.  Looks like the kid will be going to school until sometime in June to make up all the snow days and 2 hour delays we've already had this year. 

Yesterday I emailed my boss to tell him I wouldn't be in, then turned on the tv to learn that campus was closed until noon anyway. And then, a few hours later, I got a canned phone call from the university police telling me that the campus was closed all day. 

I took advantage of the day off to get some writing done. (Actually wrote TWO short stories!)

Today, I'm back at work.  Took some time to get the car dug out, so I was late getting in, but I'm now working. (Or will be as soon as I post this...)

Tomorrow I take dear daughter and her friend  to Columbus for an anime con.  I anticipate sitting in the hotel room and getting a lot of reading and writing done. 

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